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Prime Steaks

Prime Steaks
All of our steaks are Certified Beef, dry aged, well marbled, hand cut and cooked on our mesquite flavoured grill.

Served with your choice of baked potato, garlic mashed potatoes, fries, rice, refried beans OR vegetables. Also, served with a side of texas toast.

Rib Eye
8oz    $23.29
12oz    $31.29

New York Centre Cut Striploin
8oz    $23.29
12oz    $31.29

Bacon Wrapped Filet
8oz    $36.29

Texas T-Bone Steak
12oz    $34.29

Belt Bulger     69.99
Order Our famous 33oz. Ribeye steak Order our 33oz. steak and watch out for the fireworks! Be ready for the ringing bells and tons of Texas style attention.

* Finish your steak and receive a prestigious Texas Longhorn, “I came and I conquered the 33oz Steak'” T-Shirt.

72oz, . . . What can we say!
Finish your steak and receive a prestigious Texas Longhorn steak knife and your picture on the wall of fame!

TEXAS LONGHORN “Record Breaker Steak”
Break our current steak eating record and your steak is FREE!!

Current Record is “106oz” in 32 Minutes

Cooked to your liking
Blue - Just show it the grill
Rare - Cool red center
Medium Rare - Warm red center
Medium - Pink Center
Medium Well - Touch of pink center
Well Done - Grey center dry
Very Well - Charcoaled

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